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One-Year Slip License & Slip Leaves Information

One-Year Slip License

The Port District Commission adopted a policy designed to stimulate used boat sales for the benefit of existing slip licensees, the people on the waiting list, and the boat purchaser. The features of the policy are as follows:

  • A one-year slip license will be authorized for new boat owners who purchase a boat from a licensee, provided that a signed slip release from the licensee accompanies the berthing request. This policy is specific to the boat which was sold. Other boats may not be substituted.
  • The one-year license period shall begin on the first day of the month following the point of sale of the boat. The point of sale shall be defined as the first exchange of money and use of the boat between the two parties. Prompt notification of the point of sale and the signing of a slip release form by the licensee is required.
  • The Port District is under no obligation to provide berthing if the licensee’s account is not paid in full within 30 days of the slip release.
  • The new boat owner shall complete a one-year slip license agreement, which includes the payment of one month’s slip fee and a deposit.
  • If the new boat owner sells the boat to another party within the year, the Port District is under no obligation to provide any further berthing or provide berthing for the portion left in the one-year agreement.
  • The former slip licensee will not be responsible for charges incurred by the purchaser after the date of slip release.
  • Anyone securing a special one-year slip license shall not be eligible to liveaboard, unless they have been a liveaboard in good standing for one year prior to the acceptance of the new one-year license.
  • The former slip licensee will not be eligible to obtain another permanent slip, either from the waiting list or through the slip leave program, for two years after the slip release. The former slip licensee essentially transfers one year of their slip privileges to the new vessel owner.

Slip Leaves

This program was developed to give slip licensees a simple means of releasing the financial burden of paying for a slip occupied by a seldom-used vessel, yet enabling them to retain the rights to a slip at a future date. It was also designed for those licensees who wish to pursue boating elsewhere. The advantage of this program is that those on slip leave can return to a slip with ease and speed.

The Port Commission reviewed the framework of the slip leave program on October 24, 2000. After reviewing the intent of the program, the Port Commission placed a limit on slip leaves in January 2001. The limit was reviewed in January 2005, and increased to ten years.

One to ten year absence:

If the total time to be absent from the slip is one to ten years, staff will usually request that the slip be released for reassignment to the waiting list and the licensee may choose to take a slip leave.

The slip leave program allows slip licensees to release their slip, yet preserve the option to obtain another slip of the same size, without undue delay, within ten years. No justification for taking a leave is necessary. The slip leave program works like this:

  • licensee signs a slip release form so the slip can be reassigned to the waiting list;
  • all past slip rent must be paid in full;
  • Port District must be notified in writing, within 30 days of slip release, of intention to take a slip leave;
  • annual fee for slip leave is $250 and will NOT be prorated (the fee is reviewed annually and subject to change) - January is the renewal month;
  • those on slip leave must wait at least one year after releasing their berth before exercising their right to return to another berth, or two years if the licensee sells their vessel and releases the slip under the one-year slip license policy (see previous);
  • slips are assigned to those returning from slip leaves as they become available through releases to the waiting list and will take precedence over the regular waiting list – the only people who may take precedence are those also on leave who made earlier requests to return to a slip of the same size;
  • staff would appreciate as much advance notice as possible from those returning from leave;
  • interim berthing may be provided at the regular slip rate (not the guest rate) until the regular slip is assigned;
  • the Port Commission will consider all requests for time extensions beyond ten years on a case-by-case basis.

More than ten years’ absence:

At the end of the ten years, those on slip leave who have not maintained a waiting list date, will have the option to convert their original slip leave date to a waiting list date and pay the annual waiting list fee (and be subject to all provisions of the waiting list).

The slip is the most important concern. Before the slip leave program went into effect, slip licensees were afraid that if they released a slip they would never be able to obtain another. By assuring licensees that they can easily get another slip within ten years, a greater turnover of slips has occurred.

Staff will work closely with individuals considering slip leave to ensure these provisions are clearly understood.

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