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Dredging Operations


Crews will deploy Twin Lakes and begin dredging the federal entrance channel in early-November 2017. Once resumed, entrance dredging operations will continue through April 2018.

The typical dredge schedule is Mondays - Thursdays, with maintenance performed on Fridays.

Learn why seasonal dredging of the Santa Cruz Harbor is necessary, how it is done, and its effect on the environment.

During dredging operations, pass Twin Lakes on the east side (Crow's Nest side) of the channel unless otherwise marked. Stay at least 50' from the dredge. Contact the crew for passing instructions on VHF channel 8.

NORTH HARBOR DREDGING - October 2, 2017 - April 30, 2018

Beginning October 2, 2017, crews plan to operate Twin Lakes in the north harbor to dredge the material shoaling the turning basin, X-J channel and culvert area. Twin Lakes will be much more efficient than Squirt, and facilitate dredging to the 16' design depth allowed in the X/J channel fairway and culvert area. Crews will complete dredging with Twin Lakes in the north harbor by October 30, 2017. Crews will then move Twin Lakes to the south harbor to begin entrance dredging in early-November . Remaining dredging of the north harbor will be accomplished using Squirt.



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