Remembering Ed Larson

October 20, 1924 – April 11, 2021

Local author, artist, aviator, educator, and boater Ed Larson passed away on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

For over 30 years, Ed Larson sailed his small gaff-rigged felucca out beyond the confines of the harbor’s west jetty and into a sea of beauty and adventure. Although age and failing sight brought a halt to those sailing journeys, Ed always cherished the friendships he made and was filled with gratitude for the multitude of years that the Santa Cruz Harbor brightened his life.

Ed’s love for the harbor was grand.  His poetic prowess uniquely illustrates the harbor community in only a way he could.

“I used to look at our harbor as a fine “sea chowder,” always robust and filled with the spice of its fascinating people, inherent beauty, and new and exciting experience. It soon became a meal I couldn’t turn down! The harbor’s people are as varied and intriguing as can be found. Ethnicity, social and financial status, and circumstance are washed away by a commonality of interest and the shared wealth of being a part of the human panorama of this special place.”

Ed truly believed that each day at the harbor was painted with a new and different brush, filled with the rainbow colors of rebirth and adventure. While we are saddened by the loss of a true harbor legend, we are comforted knowing that Ed’s memory will continue to live on at the harbor through his gaff-rigged felucca vessel, Pappy, which is prominently displayed near the harbor office.

An avid mariner, Ed was an equally avid artist and author. His incredible artwork and writings are displayed at each walking tour station throughout the harbor and will continue to teach and enrich generations of harbor visitors for years to come.

In 2014, Ed wrote “I will sail again across my own personal eternity on an ocean I have not yet crossed.” We are incredibly thankful for the years of friendship that we got to share with Ed and can rest easy knowing that he is now sailing for eternity.

“And thus it goes. Our harbor is a living thing as vital as the air we breathe and as eternal as the tides and winds which are a part of us.”

-Ed Larson