Aldo’s Seawall Replacement Project Updates

Aldo’s Seawall Replacement Project

On June 12, 2019, the Port District ceremonially “broke sand” to mark the beginning of construction of the Aldo’s Seawall Replacement Project. The ceremony marked the culmination of a three-year long collaborative effort between the Port District and Aldo’s Restaurant, and was also a celebration of Granite’s involvement in renewal of this important infrastructure. Granite Construction was the original contractor for the Santa Cruz south harbor basin which was completed in April 1964, and originally constructed this seawall, the jetties and berthing areas.

The seawall replacement, which was designed by Mesiti-Miller Engineering, is estimated to cost $2.4 million. The construction window for the seawall is June 15, 2019, to November 30, 2019. Work to demolish the existing restaurant building is anticipated to start in the coming weeks, and will be followed by seawall replacement which will involve driving coated sheet pile seawalls in front of the existing structure. Construction updates will be posted below, as they become available.

While seawall construction is underway, the Port District Commission, harbor staff and Aldo’s proprietor Mauro Olivieri will continue to collaborate on a new lease, design, and permitting for future reconstruction of the restaurant building.


Work to replace the seawall continues. Granite Construction crews are in the process of constructing a temporary trestle system, which will act as shoring and provide structural support for the heavy equipment needed to drive the sheet piles.

The updated delivery schedule for the sheet piles is in early-September.


Construction of the new seawall was completed on November 30, 2019, replacing the former seawall structure which had reached the end of its useful life. Minor punch list items remain. It is interesting to note that Granite Construction Company was the original contractor for construction of the south harbor basin in 1963-64, so this was the second time that Granite has been involved in construction of this seawall!

We are happy to announce that at its regular public session on November 26, 2019, the Port Commission awarded a new long-term lease agreement to Aldo’s Harbor Restaurant, which will allow them to finance, design and construct a replacement restaurant building and related site improvements.  Design and planning for the new restaurant is underway, and construction is expected to commence after the tenant successfully obtains all permits. Because the permit process for over-water work is intensive and can be protracted, construction is expected to commence in approximately 2+ years.

Staff looks forward to welcoming Aldo’s back to their original waterside location on Atlantic Avenue!


During the week of July 15, 2019, Port District maintenance crews completed demolition of the Aldo’s restaurant building structure. Contractor Granite Construction completed demolition by removing the restaurant’s foundation and dining deck. The demolition work was necessary to prepare for installation of a new sheet pile seawall. Next steps involve construction of a temporary trestle structure to support the heavy equipment needed to drive the sheet piles in place. The sheet piles will be driven in front of the existing seawall.

The new sheet piles are currently being coated at an offsite location and are scheduled for delivery in mid-August.


Granite Construction completed sheet pile installation in September.

The large ABI rig will be removed from the project site the first week of October and the crew will begin preparations for tieback installation.

The project is estimated to be complete by November 30, 2019.