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South Harbor 40'

Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.

PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAcceptedY/N
11/01/1981Hawkins, T.Moved to StandbyYesNo
06/17/1977Savattone, J.Moved to StandbyYesNo
11/14/1977Gurley, R.Moved to StandbyYesNo
10/04/1983Peterson, R.OfferingYes
02/24/1985Poveromo, B.OfferingYes
104/27/1986Franco, D.
203/17/1987Ritchie, B.
306/17/1989DeGennaro, Jess
408/14/1996Volheim, R.
503/01/2000Venes, M.
603/11/2000Banman, G.
703/19/2000Scott, J.
804/24/2000Barefoot, T.
907/05/2000Lister, B.
1010/14/2000Massaro, D. & J.