SantaCruz Harbor



Bill Lee has served as Santa Cruz Port Commissioner for 24 years, being a voice of reason and a friend to all who use and enjoy the Santa Cruz Harbor. Bill is unassuming, genteel, compassionate and committed to public service – qualities he employed throughout his service to the harbor and the Port District. 

Santa Cruz’ commercial fishermen have had no greater ally on the Port Commission than Bill Lee. He was a tireless supporter of the fleet, listening to their needs and advocating for improvements to fishery facilities and services. He has been a champion for the environment and for non-profit businesses such as Save Our Shores, Coastal Watershed Council and O’Neill Sea Odyssey, all currently located in the harbor. He is an expert sailor and boat-builder with a deep understanding of and appreciation for all boaters, harbors, and marine-related businesses, including the challenges they face. Bill believes in a harbor built by the community to serve the community, a harbor that provides access to the Monterey Bay for all who seek it.

The Santa Cruz Harbor is in a near-constant state of change with its dynamic environment and the many competing demands on its resources. Bill Lee was a statesman who helped lead the Port District through complex and challenging growth and change including the post-tsunami rebuilding, purchasing the new dredge, extinguishing old debt, and myriad other projects that will ensure access for harbor users and visitors well into the future. His contributions have included a gift for boiling complicated subjects down to their essence, bringing clarity, reason and fairness to the commission’s deliberations. He is creative and open to new ideas from others, always mindful of what is in the best interest of the boaters and the community at large. Bill Lee’s contributions to the Santa Cruz Harbor community have been profound and enduring. 

On behalf of the entire Santa Cruz Harbor organization, thank you, Commissioner Bill Lee, for your dedicated service and leadership. Your open-minded and thoughtful analyses, gentle humor and commitment to providing access and opportunities to all will be greatly missed.

Lisa Ekers, Port Director

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