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On November 21, the United States Secretary of Commerce declared a fishery resource disaster for the 2023 salmon season. This declaration serves as a crucial step towards addressing the challenges faced by our commercial fleet and other businesses affected by the closure, read more.

Why is this important?
The declaration opens a pathway to much-needed financial assistance for those impacted by the closure. It signifies the government's recognition of the hardships faced by the fishing community and demonstrates a commitment to providing support during this challenging time.

How does this affect you?
If your business is affected by the closure, this declaration is a ray of hope. It means that financial assistance is on the horizon. We understand the urgency of accessing these funds, and our Port District staff is diligently following the process to ensure that those affected have prompt access to the assistance when it is released.

What's next?
Stay informed! We will keep you updated on the latest developments and guide you through the steps necessary to access financial aid. As we navigate this process together, our goal is to provide the support and resources you need to overcome the challenges posed by the salmon season closure.

For more detailed information, please click here or refer to the document links below.

A chinook salmon jumps out of the Sacramento River in California. Credit: iStock