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Anchovy Update - September 1, 2023

Earlier this week, large schools of anchovies were observed in the harbor. As a result, the harbor’s aerator system was deployed, and staff performed routine checks of dissolved oxygen levels. Most recent oxygen levels indicate that the situation has improved, and as a result, the aerators will be turned off later this afternoon.

We would like to remind boaters and liveaboards to notify staff if they observe the following warning signs of an imminent fish kill:

  • Large concentrations of fish inside the harbor (i.e., fathometer shows that half or more of the harbor depth has fish);
  • Large concentrations of fish near the harbor entrance (i.e., one-half mile in width are at the harbor entrance in the evening)
  • Fish under stress, observed jumping in a large area.

If you observe any of the above situations, please contact the harbor:

  • Daily, 9 am to 5 pm: Call the harbor office at (831) 475-6161.
  • After hours: Call Dispatch at (831) 471-1131 and inform the operator to contact on call staff.
  • Marine radio: VHF Channel 9 is monitored 24 hours/day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Aerial photo of the aerator system deployed at AA-Dock
Pictured above: aerator system deployed at AA-Dock (May 2021)


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