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WARNING - Shoaled Conditions At The Harbor Entrance

Dear Harbor User:

Recent storm events and heavy sea conditions continue to challenge the Port District’s dredging operation. Currently, the federal navigation channel is shallow, with shoaling extending across the entrance and breaking waves expected to occur at all tides. Mariners are advised to NOT transit the entrance at this time for their safety and the safety of their vessel.

The Port District’s dredge crew has been working an extended schedule to address the large influx of sand that has resulted over the last several weeks. The crew is committed to working as long and hard as they safely can (and as regulatory permits allow) to restore the navigability of the entrance channel.

As soon as conditions allow, depths will be determined, and an updated sounding will be posted on the Port District’s website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Holland MacLaurie
Port Director
February 4, 2024