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Crossword Puzzle



COMMISSION5.    Board of five elected officials that govern the Port District 
TRAWLER8.    Type of fishing vessel 
SHORE10.    The edge of land where it meets the water 
PAPPY11.    Name of the gaff-rigged felucca vessel displayed near the harbor office & once owned by Harbor  legend, Ed Larson 
WATERSHED13.    Arana Gulch is one of them 
HARBORMASTER15.    The officer tasked with oversight of harbor operations
KINNAMON16.    Patrol Boat __________  (named in honor of a long-time Deputy Harbormaster)
FISHERY1.  A place where fishermen can off-load their catch 
MERLIN2. Name of Bill Lee’s revered racing yacht 
BOATYARD3.    Designated area for boat maintenance and repairs
ANCHOVY4.    Bait fish 
SLIP6.    Docking area for boats (the harbor has over 800) 
WALTON7.    Built in 2001, __________ Lighthouse
TETRAPODS8.    The west jetty is comprised of concrete jacks, also known as __________
KAYAK9.    Human-powered watercraft
DREDGING12.    Entrance channel requires annual maintenance __________
DRAFT14.    The vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull 
MURRAY17.    Common name for the street spanning the harbor