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FY25 Rate Increase Notice

February 28, 2024

Dear Boaters and Tenants:

The Santa Cruz Port District Commission approved the FY25 budget at its public meeting on February 27, 2024. As part of the budget process, a 3% rate increase was approved for the following types of marina fees:

  • Slip Rent
  • Dory Ties
  • Dry Storage
  • Inside Ties
  • Rack Storage (kayak, rowing shells, etc.)
  • Catamaran / Outrigger Storage

The increased rates will take effect April 1, 2024. Please be sure to update your automatic payments to the new amount to avoid late fees.

For additional information, the Port District’s operating budget and Capital Improvement Program are described in detail in the FY25 Budget Report, which is available for viewing on the District’s website, click here.

Holland MacLaurie
Port Director


CORRECTION TO RATE INCREASE NOTIFICATION - We apologize for any confusion caused by a recent inadvertent mailing of last year's FY24 rate increase notice, indicating a 5% increase. Please note that the correct FY25 rate increase notice, reflecting a 3% increase, has been sent and supersedes any previous notices received. Thank you for your understanding.