Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Santa Cruz Port Commission is to ensure that Santa Cruz Harbor is a viable operational and financial entity, providing a full array of boating and marine related opportunities for the public.

The Port Commission has adopted the following goals:

  • Maintain the harbor and harbor entrance to design depths and in the safest condition practical.
  • Maintain the facility at a high level of serviceability in regard to function, modernism, longevity, aesthetics and cleanliness.
  • Provide for an expansive array of affordable, accessible and available marine facilities and services for the boating public.
  • Meet all current and long-term Port District financial responsibilities.
  • Contain costs and keep prices as low as practical while still meeting all other financial and operational objectives.
  • Operate the harbor as a regional facility in accordance with the three 1958 federal legislative mandates — “recreation,” “commercial fishing,” “harbor of refuge.”
  • Provide for a variety of businesses as a community resource to be enjoyed by all citizens.
  • Provide and encourage marine educational opportunities in the harbor for all, especially school children.
  • Provide marine rescue services in conjunction with other agencies to the degree which funds and safety considerations allow.
  • Comply with all environmental and regulatory laws which apply to Santa Cruz Harbor operations.
  • Participate in the management and stewardship of surrounding watersheds with particular emphasis on erosion control and water quality.
  • Provide timely information to the public relating to Port Commission public meetings and actions.

Adopted by the Santa Cruz Port Commission on 01/25/05