Monthly Waiting List Reports

All slip assignments will be based on chronological precedence of requests. Only one size slip may be requested. The size slip requested may be changed at any time prior to issuance of a slip, and the original precedence date retained. Individuals who transfer their waiting list date from one list to another will be inserted into the new list chronologically; however, they can not initially be higher than the #3 position.

People who are offered a slip, but do not accept the slip, must go on the “standby” list. A standby list has been created for those individuals who know they will not be able to accept a berth in the near future.

Waiting list applications can be filled out at the harbor office. An initial registration fee of $100 is required. Thereafter, a $100 registration fee will be charged on January 1, of each year to retain the request. Waiting list renewal fees received after the February 20, deadline will be subject to a late fee. Failure to re-register by March 1, will result in removal from the list. These fees are not refundable and are subject to change.

South Harbor Updated: 08/01/2018
North Harbor Updated: 08/10/2018

South Harbor - Waiting List Top Ten


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
02/15/2013Silva, CYes01/01/2018Yes
02/16/2013Hyde, MYes01/01/2018Yes
04/17/2013Chandler, DMoved to StandbyYes
09/05/2013Fernandes, AYes03/01/2018Yes
09/04/1976Harrell, WDeclined. Move to #3Yes
09/29/2004Donnarumma, TMoved to StandbyYes
11/03/2013Warnick, PDroppedYes
12/08/2013Burek, SYes04/01/2018Yes
04/20/2010Castillou, PMoved to StandbyYes
01/06/2014Thomas, MYes08/01/2018Yes
09/04/1976Harrell, WOfferingYes
12/14/1996Boole, POfferingYes
10/27/2011Davenport, KOfferingYes
101/09/2014Marden, J
203/08/2014Correos, G
305/05/2014James, R
405/14/2014Penniman, R
508/06/2014Blackwell, B
608/22/2014Atlinson, D
711/03/2014Smith, A
801/02/2015Wilkinson, A
901/10/2015Klopp, R
1002/20/2015Gosline, C


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
01/25/2002Reid, BMoved to StandbyYes
02/3/2002Price, DMoved to StandbyYes
02/08/2002McCarthy, MMoved to StandbyYes
05/10/2002Clark, RYes02/01/2018Yes
07/30/2002Andersen, SYes02/01/2018Yes
07/31/2002McBurney, SMoved to StandbyYes
09/11/2002Dybdahl, EYes03/01/2018Yes
05/11/1985Laughlin, DMoved to StandbyYes
11/23/2002Davis, MYes04/01/2018Yes
11/01/1988Young, CYes04/01/2018Yes
03/28/1990Goodwin, JMoved to StandbyYes
01/25/2002Reid, BMoved to StandbyYes
11/26/2001Shrive, JMoved to SH 40'Yes
02/03/2002Price, DMoved to StandbyYes
02/18/2002McCarthy, MMoved to StandbyYes
12/03/2002Carney, KYes08/01/2018Yes
07/10/2003Harvey, MOfferingYes
07/18/2003Seaborn, AOfferingYes
112/04/1989Flores, N
208/10/2000Boraston, G
308/13/2003Frasca, M
409/02/2003Debolske, M
512/05/2003Abraham, C
604/26/2004Wahl, D
705/02/2004Broiles, J
807/18/2004Mitchell, R
911/24/2004Jackson, J
1002/14/2005Smith, C


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOffer  
11/27/1993Martin, VMoved to StandbyYes
02/17/1996Miscisin, KMoved to StandbyYes
07/10/1977Asmus, TMoved to SH 50'
09/01/1985Model, KOfferingYes
104/27/1986Franco, D
207/04/1988Lindskog, A
307/05/1988Low, M
412/18/1988Burke, B
501/10/1995Royer, R
606/15/1996Rooney, K
707/07/1996Armenta, D
803/03/1997Weed, R
905/01/1997Skinner, R
1009/01/1997Haws, G


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
09/12/1982Lighthall, SDeclined. Move to #3Yes
01/03/1982Whiting, MYes02/01/2018Yes
02/26/1998Darbro, OOffering
103/29/1989Smith, J
207/10/1977Asmus, T
309/12/1982Lighthall, S
411/01/1991Draeger, J
512/26/1995Duemler, C
611/08/1996Warfield, B
701/04/1997March, M
804/03/1999Judson, D
906/30/2000Gillam, R
1007/26/2000Lee, J


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOffer  
109/02/2014Ash, M
204/26/2005Meltzer, P
307/29/1981Atchison, N
407/12/2010Cochran, S
502/15/2013Silva, C
605/17/2014Kolyszko, K
712/13/2014Coffin, J
804/19/2015Lee, J
907/30/2015Beauregard, A
1002/10/2016Spinak, S

North Harbor - Waiting List Top Ten


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
06/04/2017Bullock, NYes01/02/2018Yes
09/15/2017Gomes, JYes01/01/2018Yes
11/01/2017Bartlett, CYes02/01/2018Yes
11/01/2017Lenz, NMoved to StandbyYes
11/15/2017Youngblood, MMoved to StandbyYes
12/11/2017Nelson, KMoved to StandbyYes
12/23/2017Smith, DYes02/27/2018Yes
12/27/2017Keener, RMoved to StandbyYes
01/07/2018Crompton, RYes03/11/2018Yes
02/12/2018Karwick, CYes03/13/2018Yes
02/16/2018Collins, JYes04/13/2018Yes
02/22/2018Meek, MMoved to StandbyYes
02/23/2018Mongiello, MYes05/18/2018Yes
02/26/2016Wright, AYes07/14/2018Yes
06/22/2017Crowley, JMoved to YCDS
08/11/2017Althaus, LMoved to NH 30'Yes
01/15/2017Croteau, EOfferingYes
109/04/2017Rogers, E
209/30/2017Brown, R
312/11/2017Nelson, K
402/20/2018Rix, J
502/26/2018Lopez, E
602/26/2018Larson, J
703/16/2018Scarborough, N
803/16/2018Needham, T
903/30/2018Williams, I
1003/30/2018Bargetto, M


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOffer  
04/18/2016St. Amant, CDropped Yes
04/30/2016McIsaac, HMoved to StandbyYes
05/11/2016Richter, SDroppedYes
05/24/2016Weigner, RMoved to StandbyYes
06/13/2016Jarvis, CYes03/01/2018Yes
07/23/2016Slowikowski, TYes01/28/2018Yes
08/12/2016Robinson, MYes03/01/2018Yes
08/21/2016Gottlieb, LMoved to SH 50'Yes
08/29/2016Jordan, KMoved to StandbyYes
09/13/2016Griggs, HYes03/25/2018Yes
08/01/2016Rumbaugh, TYes04/01/2018Yes
09/24/2016Gruss, MDropped
11/01/2016Beers, PYes03/29/2018Yes
11/012016Trejo, LYes03/25/2018Yes
11/13/2016Palis, ABecame Co-licenseeYes03/24/2018Yes
12/07/2016Ahmann, KYes05/01/2018Yes
01/11/2017Stobbe, JDeclinedYes
02/07/2017Dannelley, JYes04/01/2018Yes
02/15/2017Tanner, LMoved to StandbyYes
05/10/2009Ghielmetti, JMoved to StandbyYes
102/19/2017Hoffseth, M
205/15/2015Lipanovich, A
311/03/2016Layne, T
401/11/2017Stobbe, J
503/01/2017Lee, C
603/19/2017Auten, S
703/29/2017Whitstone, N
805/16/2017Tsuji, E
905/31/2017Lin, P
1006/30/2017Viguers, S


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
07/03/2015McCabe, SMoved to StandbyYes
07/21/2014Meuse, EDeclinedYes
07/26/2014Hagen, NYes03/01/2018Yes
03/14/2015Houck, CYes02/01/2018Yes
08/01/2015Mitchel, ZYes03/01/2018Yes
08/30/2015Cardinal, CDropped
09/01/2015Velgot, WMoved to StandbyYes
09/02/2015Shirazi, ADroppedYes
10/03/2015Pinella, TYes03/01/2018Yes
11/16/2014Thomure, CYes03/01/2018Yes
11/02/2015Casey, RYes03/15/2018Yes
07/19/2002Meyerhoff, JDeclinedYes
07/21/2014Meuse, EYes03/29/2018Yes
04/13/2015Manning, CYes05/22/2018Yes
05/15/2015Lipanovich, AYes04/01/2018Yes
11/02/2015Norbek, JMoved to StandbyYes
11/08/2015Doe, GMoved to StandbyYes
11/20/2015Sayar, KMoved to StandbyYes
11/20/2015Hayes, JYes04/03/2018Yes
11/21/2015Slinkey, SBecame Co-LicenseeYes04/01/2018Yes
11/28/2015Burger, ADroppedYes
01/17/2016Young, HMoved to StandbyYes
01/23/2016Parker, GMoved to StandbyYes
02/08/2016Payne, DYes04/04/2018Yes
03/30/2016Bias, JYes04/09/2018Yes
08/24/2013Boettner, DYes04/01/2018Yes
04/01/2016Thompson, MYes05/01/2018Yes
04/07/2016Mehuron, RYes04/13/2018Yes
05/10/2016Doyle, SYes04/01/2018Yes
06/03/2016Sinclair, MYes04/01/2018Yes
08/27/2016Mahurin, DMoved to StandbyYes
09/02/2016Young, KYes04/01/2018Yes
09/06/2016Corrales, RYes05/01/2018Yes
11/01/2016Causeric, MYes05/01/2018Yes
11/03/2016Price, SYes05/01/2018Yes
12/13/2016Israel, KYes04/01/2018Yes
07/19/2002Meyerhoff, JMoved to StandbyYes
11/13/2016Colligan, FYes06/01/2018Yes
12/01/2016Yahyaie, MMoved to StandbyYes
12/01/2016Le, NMoved to NH 35'Yes
12/11/2016Micallef, CMoved to StandbyYes
12/20/2016Smith, COfferingYes
12/24/2016Harvey, MMoved to StandbyYes
01/07/2017Takaoka, NYes06/01/2018Yes
03/18/2014Gandy, CYes06/01/2018Yes
01/14/2017Testa, MMoved to Standby
01/15/2017Croteau, EMoved to NH 20'
01/18/2017Throop, SYes06/12/2018Yes
01/29/2017McElhinney, KYes08/01/2018Yes
03/13/2017Lynch, PMoved to StandbyYes
03/15/2017Canobbio, VMoved to StandbyYes
03/25/2017Costa, RMoved to StandbyYes
04/19/2017Adelman, AYes07/09/2018Yes
07/09/2015Hider, TYes06/20/2018Yes
08/26/2006Marquez, PMoved to StandbyYes
06/28/2015Jones, CMoved to NH 35'Yes
11/09/2016Rahe, TOfferingYes
04/19/2017Cochrane, GMoved to StandbyYes
105/04/2017Eymann, C
205/07/2017Mathes, R
305/17/2016Grimes, J
401/18/2017Throop, S
506/17/2017Loubser, P
606/24/2017Tantawi, S
706/28/2017Newman, A
807/05/2017Mundell, M
907/25/2017Couchman, C
1007/29/2017Allen, R


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOffer  
04/02/2014Magallanes, DYes02/01/2018Yes
4/5/2014Berge, CYes02/01/2018Yes
4/5/2014Cobery, CYes02/01/2018Yes
6/27/2014Klein, SMoved to StandbyYes
11/3/2014Snell, HMoved to StandbyYes
1/24/2015Shepard, JYes03/01/2018Yes
02/27/1997Schneider, RYes03/24/2018Yes
05/01/2004Castro, AYes04/01/2018Yes
05/05/2005Rasmussen, DMoved to StandbyYes
1/24/2015Hilger, DYes05/01/2018Yes
1/31/2015Hillenbrand, JMoved to NH 40'
3/2/2015Walker, DMoved to StandbyYes
05/01/2009Kieft, BYes06/29/2018Yes
04/03/2015Young, BMoved to StandbyYes
04/13/2015Manning, CMoved to NH 30'
04/15/2015Hiyakumoto, CYes07/15/2018Yes
05/11/2015Jensen, GOfferingYes
105/12/2015Minnis, R
07/18/2015Jagodik, PDropped
206/19/2015O'Neal, J
306/28/2015Jones, C
407/25/2015Ramirez, L
511/05/2015Soderberg, J
601/13/2016Cheskin, B
702/04/2016Souza, W
802/08/2016Payne, D
904/14/2016Peterson, C
1004/24/2016Thomas, J


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List Date NameDispositionOffer Accept
01/08/2014Giunta, JYes01/01/2018Yes
03/03/2013Bennett, PYes04/01/2018Yes
02/03/2014Gascoine, SMoved to Standby Yes
07/08/2013Smiley, MYes08/01/2018Yes
107/11/2005Grutzmacher, K
207/18/2011Castagnetto, J
303/14/2013Wahlberg, A
48/29/2014Constantine, W
11/1/2014Morse, TDropped
511/24/2014Johnson, T
601/31/2015Hillenbrand, J
73/5/2015Harper, J
807/07/2015Henderson, G
903/04/2016Gill, J & K
1006/28/2016Iliescu, F


Slips offered on demand when vacancies occur.
PlaceWaiting List Date NameDispositionOfferAccepted 
03/01/2000Venes, MMoved to StandbyYes
11/04/2011Wilson, KMoved to StandbyYes
07/13/2006Ultsch, JMoved to StandbyYes
11/01/2012Ocampo, SDeclinedYes
08/19/2014Castro, TMoved to StandbyYes
11/24/2014Johnson, TYes02/28/2018Yes
02/17/2015Malachowsky, CYes03/01/2018Yes
06/28/2015Jones, CYes05/01/2018Yes
11/01/20215Guzy, PDropped
12/16/2015Kohlman, CYes08/12/2018Yes
04/27/2017Vance, VYes08/01/2018Yes
111/01/2012Ocampo, S
207/08/2013Smiley, M
308/19/2014Castro, T
411/03/2017Longley, C
511/07/2017Duncan, S
602/14/2018Rea, D
704/25/2018Ungerecht, D
804/27/2018Radwawski, W
905/11/2018Taylor, E
1007/09/2018Miller, C



Note: Multihull slip offerings made in chronological order based on vessel / slip suitability.
PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
11/15/1983Older, BMoved to Standby
105/15/2011Jacklin, KWaiting for 40’
205/02/1996Tubb, F
302/10/2000Roberts, J
401/10/2015Jernberg, AWaiting for 40’
505/10/2015Brewer, HWaiting for 30'
606/01/2016Marshall, JWaiting for 30’
707/25/2016Bogdon, DWaiting for 50'/40'
811/03/2016Parker, DWaiting for 30'
12/08/2016Kennedy, JAccepted 24'Yes04/01/2018Yes
902/26/2017Resendes, J
1004/27/2017Althaus, R


PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
105/24/2008Honess, C
04/01/2010Ware, JDropped
206/23/2011Murray, M
311/01/2012Callahan, T
404/04/2014Barbato, D
508/27/2014Chamberlain, M


PlaceWaiting List Date NameDispositionOfferAccepted 
112/07/2011Griffith, J (45’)
207/26/1995Oldham, S (90’)
05/02/1996Tubb, F (45’)Moved to Multihull
306/16/1999Thom, B
401/16/2000Williams, S (45’)
507/17/2009Holm, J
604/12/2014Crivello, J (90’)
12/13/2014Coffin, JMoved to SH 60'
704/05/2015MacMurray, J (45’)
802/14/2018Nordlander, J (30')


PlaceWaiting List DateNameDispositionOfferAccepted 
06/01/2014Ambroseo, JYes02/01/2018Yes
11/01/2014Williams, COfferingYes
02/02/2015Forrest, COfferingYes
106/03/2015Trevitt, S
206/20/2015Digby, J
311/10/2015Weaver, P
412/15/2015Baggerman, B
512/21/2015Pelz, W
601/27/2016Miller, G
703/26/2016Richter, T
805/24/2016Klitza, I
908/22/2016Iezzoni, C
1006/22/2017Crowley, J