Moorage Rates & Fees

2% Rate Increase Effective April 1, 2018

At its regular public session on February 27, 2018, the Santa Cruz Port Commission adopted the FY19 operating budget. As part of the budget process, a 2% rate increase was approved for the following types of marina fees:

  • Slip Rent
  • Dory Ties
  • Inside Ties
  • Rack Storage (kayaks, SUP’s, rowing shells, etc.)
  • Catamaran/Outrigger Storage
  • Dry Storage (North Harbor and 7th and Brommer)

This increase will be effective April 1, 2018. Please be sure to update your automatic payments to the new amount effective April 1, 2018, to avoid any late fees. To view the Port District’s FY19 operating budget and 5 Year Capital Improvement Program, click here.

Slip rent is based on the greater length of the slip or vessel (and any overhangs)

Single Side$12.79 / foot
Double Side$14.09 / foot
AA Dock$21.74 / foot
ABC Dock$25.57 / foot
20' (Including Inside-Ties)$11.49 / foot
25' / 30'$12.10 / foot
35' / 40'$12.44 / foot
Wide 45'$14.27 / foot
Dory-Tie$61.94 / month
7th & Brommer Gravel Lot$117.99 / month
North Harbor Paved Lot$126.25 / $152.21 / $165.19 / month
Catamaran Storage$58.99 / month
Kayak Rack Storage$55.46 / month
Gate Key$ 40 (refundable deposit)
Shower Fob$25 slip renter / $10 vistor (non-refundable)
Unattended Electrical Use $35 for 30 amp / $50 for 50 amp
Annual Waiting List$100 / year
Annual Slip Leave Option$250 / year

Other Fees

Liveaboard privileges are subject to Harbormaster approval and will not be granted to individuals possessing a temporary one-year slip license agreement.  A $250 application fee is required for all liveaboard applications.  Pets are not permitted to liveaboard.

  • Application Fee: $250
  • Monthly Per Person Cost (age 16 and older): $100
  • Monthly Variable Utilities Fee: 30% of Slip Rent

Vessels held in partnerships or limited liability companies are acceptable as long as the original slip licensee remains financially involved, and personally active in the vessel.  Harbormaster approval is required before transferring a vessel into a partnership or limited liability company.

  • Monthly Partnership Fee: 10% of Slip Rent

Slip licensees are permitted to enter into a sublease agreement for their slip for a maximum period of up to six months. If a sublease agreement is made, both parties must register with the harbor office. The regular slip licensee will be billed monthly as usual and will remain responsible for all bad debts.

  • Monthly Sublease Fee: 30% of Slip Rent

A late fee of $25 is assessed on balances due after the 20th of each month. Interest in the amount of .833% is assessed to all outstanding balances on the last day of each month.  The late fee and interest amounts charged are established and may be changed from time to time by the Port District and as published on the Port District’s fee schedule.