Public Bidding

Public Bidding Process

All licensed contractors are invited to submit the name of their firm for inclusion on the Port District’s list of qualified bidders. Please provide the name and address to which a Notice to Contractors or Proposal should be mailed, a phone number, the type of work in which you are interested and are currently licensed to do, the class of contractor’s license(s) held and the contractor license number(s). Please email this information to Santa Cruz Port District at and reference “Contractor List” in the subject line. If you prefer, this information may be mailed to Santa Cruz Port District, 135 5th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

Thank you for your interest in bidding projects at Santa Cruz Harbor.

Request for Proposals

The Santa Cruz Port District (Port District) invites qualified contractors to submit sealed bid proposals for Santa Cruz Harbor Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS) Replacement Project.

The Port District intends to contract with a vendor for replacement of its Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS), in which the vendor will supply pay on foot stations, entry and exit terminals, automatic vehicle control gates (including associated loop detectors), and other associated items as described in the project’s specifications and drawings. The new PARC system must integrate with any proposed third party application, as described herein. Vendor shall include all necessary services including equipment, software, hardware, programming, testing, and commissioning, as necessary, to deliver a fully functioning system.

Proposals will be received at the Santa Cruz Harbor office until 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 12, 2019. For information about obtaining a bid packet, contact the Santa Cruz Port District office at (831) 475-6161.