Vessel Insurance Policy


At its regular public session of June 26, 2018, the Santa Cruz Port District Commission approved the adoption of a new ordinance, which requires that all vessels be insured in accordance with Port District policies in order to retain a slip license.

The Port Commission’s Policy-Operations Committee held multiple public meetings to receive stakeholder input and refine policy standards. The input and support received from stakeholders was valuable during the development process.

For current slip licensees, the new vessel insurance requirement will be effective January 1, 2019. Slip licensees will be asked to provide proof of vessel liability insurance, which, at a minimum, must meet the standards outlined below:

  • Provide general liability vessel insurance coverage (Protection and Indemnity), with a minimum policy limit of $300,000.
  • Policy must include wreck removal and pollution coverage.
  • Policy shall name the Santa Cruz Port District (SCPD) as Additional Insured, if available from the underwriter.
  • For vessels held in partnership, the policy must list the individual names of each partner.
  • Sublettors shall be required to provide proof of insurance for their vessels in accordance with this policy.

To fulfill insurance requirements, please provide the harbor office with a copy of one of the following:

  • Declaration of insurance
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Proof of insurance

Insurance cards will not be accepted as proof of insurance, because they do not include pertinent information relative to coverage limits (i.e. $300,000 minimum, fuel/wreck removal endorsement, or additional insured endorsement).

Please note that this new policy is not applicable to vessels utilizing dry storage, rack storage, or catamaran storage.

Staff is aware that a transition period will exist following implementation.  We are dedicated to familiarizing individuals with the provisions of the policy and answering any questions that may arise.  Staff will work with individuals who may need additional time to comply with the new requirement.

To view the policy in its entirety, please click here.